Wolfmouth​/​Illustrations Split

by Wolfmouth

(free) 02:22


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released December 31, 2011



all rights reserved


Wolfmouth Columbia, Missouri

Est. 2010.

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Track Name: Sketcherson City
You're giving up. You're giving in.
You're turning on all your friends.
You will never leave this town.
This town will never leave you.

One day this will all make perfect sense.

You will never fucking change.
The air in this town runs through your veins.
Full of fucking shame.
You've become exactly what they said you would be.
They sank their teeth into your brain, though you let them in.
You can't escape it. You can't escape them.
You can't escape yourself.

They sank their teeth into your brain.
You've become a part of the city's waste.
Those motherfuckers spit in your mouth.
How does it fucking taste?
The shittier the people, the shittier the town.

What will it take?
What will it fucking take?
What will it take for you to get out?

This town buried you into the ground.
Track Name: Familiar Faces & Awkward Places
This overwhelming feeling stays and never leaves.
A million things running through my head.
It’s never the time or place.

Why do I always think of things I should’ve said?
I’m better off with what I’ll never fucking have.

Times; they have changed.

Even I would like to think of myself as the same.
I’ll never be tied to a life that I want out of.

Sometimes this atmosphere makes me wonder why I’m here.
I don’t need your insight or your fucking views.
Track Name: Direction With No Destination
Welcome to a world you never knew.
A whole new point of view.

What is the minimum in life?

My wounds will never heal but that was part of the deal.
This life was made to live as it was to fucking end.

You can only live for yourself. In the end that’s all you’ll have.

My impatience gets the best of me at the worst of times.
It’s all about who you know, not about what you’ve done.
My wounds will never heal.
This life was made to live as it was to fucking end.
Nothing is good.
I’m on the run from everything that’s holding me back.
Nothing is good. Nothing is fair.
Say goodbye to all of those years and hello to all of those fears.

Nothing is good.
In the end, nothing is good.